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Journal for Fluid Power, Automation and Mechatronics

The main mission of VENTIL is the transfer of knowledge into practice, the further development and popularization of the areas of fluid power, automation and mechatronics, and care for the technical terminology in these areas.

Publisher: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Editor-in-chief: prof. dr. Janez Tušek Assistant editor: mag. Anton Stušek Desk editor: Roman Putrih

The Journal is subsidized by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

Current volume: June, 27 / 2021 / 3

All the magazines will be published as pdf documents after three months. These magazines can be found under link ARCHIVE.
Ventil - 27 / 2021 / 3 / June
Ventil - 27 / 2021 / 3 / June
Ventil - 27 / 2021 / 3 / June

Science and expert articles

Agile development of complex mechatronic systems

Today’s fast paced and ever changing market dictates perpetual variations in product requirements already during the product’s development process. If the involved design teams aren’t capable of taking these variations…

Multicriteria optimization model for polymer gears

The design of polymer gears is a demanding process due to the multitude of interconnected material, geometric and operational parameters, which together form a very complex system for analytical treatment.

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