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Automation of Technological Processes Using Advanced Simulation Tools in the Process Industry

2. January, 2024 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Jure Erjavec, univ. dipl. inž., Kolektor Sisteh, d. o. o., Ljubljana – Črnuče

This article explores the use of advanced simulation tools in the process industry to automate technological processes. The introduction emphasizes the rapid digitization and the role of simulations in this development. Simulation tools have become a crucial part of automation, enabling process optimization and preserving expertise. The article focuses on the Siemens SIMIT simulation environment, detailing its features for system development and operation optimization. A practical case study highlights the challenges and benefits of using SIMIT in a production system migration, emphasizing its role in thorough testing, including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). The conclusion underscores how simulations have become essential for integrators and end-users, offering risk-free system testing, error identification, staff training, and comprehensive performance verification before real-world implementation.

Key Words:
simulation tools, digital twins, Siemens SIMIT, production optimization, effective staff training

Science and expert articles

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