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Business and technological aspect of process informatization and automation in industrial practice

3. August, 2022 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Doc. dr. Mitja Cerovšek, univ. dipl. inž., Iskra PIO proizvodnja industrijske opreme, d. o. o. Šentjernej

Digital transformation brings great technological and business challenges to organizations. It helps to change the patterns of business operations and has the effect of increasing innovation and competitiveness. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to develop and introduce many positive changes to the existing business and process model. Understanding of process informatization and automation, meaningful integration of technology with business processes, and control and implementation of strategic directions of the organization are the three topics that need to be simultaneously managed in order to achieve an implementation of all the necessary changes.
In product development, companies use the approach of informatization and automation of business processes in managing changes, which is mainly focused on achieving technological changes. Such an approach is no longer appropriate and has become insufficient. We propose an approach that, in addition to the technological ones, also takes into account the business aspects of the necessary changes. Such an approach enables significantly better interaction between all stakeholders involved in change processes. As it arises from business motives, it also leads to significantly better results in industrial practice. We propose a model of strategic and comprehensive approach to the necessary changes in the digital transformation of the organization, which takes into account 5 different areas of necessary change: strategy, business processes, technology, employees and organizational culture. Proposed model has been tested and implemented in industrial practice of the automotive industry and in manufacturing of industrial equipment.

Industry 4.0, digital transformation, business process, business and technological aspects of change, business renewal and informatization, process automation

Science and expert articles

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