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Collaborative robots – development and engagement in the assembly process

30. December, 2020 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Izr. prof. dr. Dragica Noe, univ. dipl. nž., UL, FS – uredništvo revije Ventil

Collaborative robots or cobots are becoming a common sight in industrial production. Even though some development still needs to be done they already efficiently support assembly process optimisation. To ease their inclusion in production, it makes sense to clarify their features and where their use is appropriate. Collaborative robots use must be safe and efficient, therefore they and their installation in assembly systems must meet safety standards. In any case it is justified to investigate what points should be considered to make the use of cobots effective and justified.

Keywords: :
industrial robots, assembly, collaborative robots or cobots, workplace safety with robots, safety standards, cooperation human – robot

Science and expert articles

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