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Device for testing drives for electric bicycles

30. December, 2020 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Matija Oblak, mag., Matej Zorko, univ. dipl. inž. both Domel, d. d., Železniki

The article presents the implementation of a control unit device for testing central drives for electric bicycles. The device is used for performing life time tests in development and early production stages. The core of the control system is the application developed in LabVIEW environment running on a PC. The software allows the operator to have full control of the test including tested drive parameters and load management, power supply management and temperature measurement. The drive for electric bicycles is connected to the brake drive Bosch Rexroth through the gear controlled via Open Core Engineering. A few PCB boards have been developed to support measurements.

central drive for electric bicycles, functional and life time testing, Open Core Engineering, LabVIEW

Science and expert articles

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