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Renovation of sales and production processes in Robeta

3. September, 2023 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Klara Štavdekar, mag. str., Robeta, d. o. o., Slovenj Gradec;
Dr. Mitja Cerovšek, univ. dipl. inž., Iskra PIO, d. o. o., Šentjernej


Renovation and upgrading of business or of work processes enables companies to manufacture and supply individualized products and to reduce production cycle time and labour costs. In the example of Robeta d. o. o. we analysed the existing state of the process of selling and ordering a motorhome (creating an order for the final product) and the production process.

We have prepared a model of the improved order creation process. We have developed a B2B configurator that enables the implementation of a standardized and automated order process and the integration of all necessary data between the manufacturer and the seller. By developing changes and additions, we have completely eliminated the differences between the seller, the buyer and the manufacturer of the Robeta motorhomes. By introducing improvements and computerization of the order creation process for business users, we have improved the relationship between the manufacturer (the company Robeta) and the end user (natural person). With this, we contributed to improving the user experience in B2B and B2C relationships and reducing the costs of the sales and production process.

Science and expert articles

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