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Testing the impact of light conditions on image quality for optical inspection of surface defects

11. May, 2022 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Research Fellow George Cordoyiannis, PhD, Senior Lecturer Iris Fink-Grubačević, MSc, both Faculty for Industrial Engineering Novo mesto; Assistant Prof. Tomaž Savšek, PhD, TPV Group d.o.o. & Faculty for Industrial Engineering Novo mesto
Contactless and automated optical inspection tools make headway in comparison to tactile methods in modern factories. In order to develop an advanced optical tool for inspection of metal components produced for the automotive industry, one faces a number of challenges. We hereby present a brief overview of the image quality of surface flaws and defects obtained under different light conditions. Lacquered metal components of simple and complex geometries have been illuminated by light of variable intensity. Certain trends have been revealed regarding the obtained image quality.

optical inspection, surface defects, illumination

Science and expert articles

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