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Topology Optimization of Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers

1. January, 2024 | Exposed articles, Science and expert articles

Alessandro Alaia, Dr., Edoardo Lombardi, Dr., Marco Cisternino, Dr, Giacomo Uffreduzzi, Mag., all from Optimad, Torino, Italija;
Claudio Domenico Arlandini, Dr., CINECA Bologna. Italija;
Tommaso Tirelli, Mag., Alberto Tacconelli, Mag., Paolo Ambrogiani, Mag., all from Aidro, Milan, Italija
Prevod: Tina Črnigoj Marc, Arctur, d. o. o., Nova Gorica

The success story presented in this article was developed during the first tranche of the R&D H2020 FF4EuroHPC Project. Partners Optimad, Aidro and CINECA teamed up to address specific business challenge in the manufacturing sector and overcome it with the help of High Performance Computing. Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHE) are heat exchangers in which the fluid flows in lateral confinements with dimensions of millimeters. Thanks to the high volumetric heat flux, compactness, and efficient flow distribution, they offer several advantages over standard exchangers. The traditional design approach for MCHE requires several iterations before the final configuration is established, leading to significant R&D costs, long time-to-market, and expensive experimental campaigns. In practice, due to budget constraints, only a few configurations are assessed, resulting in sub-optimal design which negatively impacts the competitiveness of the final product. An innovative solution was developed as a SaaS platform, which integrates a set of computational tools for topology optimization of MCHX in an HPC-centric framework. TOLOMHE represents the first step towards cloud services for topology optimization and generative design offered to SMEs specialized in manufacturing for MCHX.

FF4EuroHPC, Micro Channel Heat Exchanger, optimization, CFD simulation, machine learning, innovation

Science and expert articles

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